Wrought Iron Fencing: A Step-By-Step Guide to How It’s Done!

A good fence around a home serves many important purposes. If you're thinking of installing new fencing on your property, then you should definitely consider wrought iron fencing. At Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc., we provide wrought iron fencing in Vancouver. Here's why this type of fencing is a good choice and how it's done.

Is There Anything Wrong With Wrought?

Wrought iron is a fantastic material for residential fencing in Vancouver. Strong, sturdy, and durable, it is great for extra security around your home. In terms of aesthetics and curb appeal, wrought iron lends a lot of charm to a property. It can be designed to suit your personal tastes and preferences, is very easy to maintain, and can even help increase your property value.

The Design-to-Build Process

An experienced fencing company can fabricate and install wrought iron fencing quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps involved in the process.

Step 1: Fabrication

Wrought iron fencing in Vancouver is custom-fabricated by hand. The iron is forged and hammered until it is shaped into the desired design.

Step 2: Stakes

A fencing installation begins by driving stakes into the ground at end post locations and running string lines between the stakes to show the fence line.

Step 3: Posts

With the fence line marked, the posts that will hold each fence panel along the line need to be set in concrete. The posts must go deep enough to support the weight of the fence.

Step 4: Panels

The fence panels can now be attached to the posts at the desired height off the ground. Each panel is lined up with brackets and then attached with screws.

Step 5: Gates

Once the panels are up, it's finally time to attach any pedestrian gates and driveway gates included in the fence design. The gates are held in place with latches and hinges.

Popular Styles & Iron Fencing Designs

Wrought iron fencing is inspired by Victorian design and, therefore, tends to be very classical in style. It is a great choice for anyone looking to create a traditional yet welcoming home exterior. However, because this type of iron fencing is custom-made, it is more than possible to create contemporary designs for homes with modern exteriors.

Wrought Iron Fencing & Design in North Vancouver and Greater Vancouver

Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. has been helping homeowners with all of their fencing needs for over 70 years! Our Vancouver fencing services include fence design, manufacturing, installation, and repair. You can rely on our experts for high-quality and affordable wrought iron fencing, driveway gates, and pedestrian gates.

To get a quote for wrought iron fencing for your Vancouver property, just contact Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. today!

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