Which Material is Best for Your Home’s Custom Railing?

Functionality and aesthetics, these two design applications can coexist and when they do, they can fantastically increase the value of any indoor or outdoor railing build. The team at Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. applies the same design principles at the forefront of any project. We not only fabricate but also install custom railings for both home and commercial spaces in Greater Vancouver.

In our previous blog posts, we discussed a few materials for staircases and accompanying handrails. Now, let’s take a new, refreshed, broader look at railings and ask which materials are best when customizing railings in your home.

What is the Benefit for Customizing Railings?

Custom interior railings or exterior railings not only fulfill the safety checkmarks on any new build but also enhances the style and adds character to your home. Sturdy railings are the difference for preventing falls on stairs, landings, balconies, etc. But a new and unique railing not only improves on your home’s interior design or exterior curb appeal but also contributes to higher property value!

Let’s Talk about Materials!

Here are five of the most common types of railing materials as well as what applications they are best suited for.

Aluminum railings

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum railings are lightweight but very stable and very durable. Aluminum makes for great outdoor railings, especially during Vancouver wintertime when it is less likely to become covered in ice because of how it conducts heat. Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and moisture damage, making it long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Brass railings

Brass is an enduringly popular material for indoor railings that have been used for centuries and across many design motifs. It can serve as a charming decorative element in traditional, rustic, country, and even industrial designs. Because it is resistant to corrosion, brass is a good choice for year-round exterior use as well.

Glass railings

Durable tempered glass railings are another fantastic option for both interior and exterior railing installations. Glass is often chosen for balconies and decks because it doesn't obstruct the view – and why would you if Greater Vancouver is the view! This design motif of transparency, clean lines, and the sensation of opening up space makes glass a popular option for stairways, lofts, as well as for pool enclosures. On top of everything, glass is very low maintenance and easy to clean.

Wrought iron railings

If you're after timeless curb appeal and a material that can withstand the elements during every season of the year, then you won’t go wrong in choosing wrought iron railings. Because it is hand-crafted, a wrought iron railing can be as ornate and decorative or simple and minimalistic as you like. If you’re interested in more on wrought iron, check out our last blog here.

Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel has all of the strength and durability of regular steel as well as superior corrosion resistance perfect for standing up to Vancouver's heavy winter rains, all at an affordable price! It's also a good choice for interior railings, as it comes in numerous attractive finishes that can complement your overall design scheme.

Beautiful Custom Railings in North Vancouver & The Greater Vancouver Area

Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. has been providing homeowners with custom interior railings and exterior railings in Vancouver since 1942. We design, manufacture, install, and repair railings of all kinds, offering our clients a full-service package for all of their railing needs.

To receive a free estimate on aluminum, brass, stainless steel, iron, or glass railings in Vancouver, just contact Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. today.

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