Top Design Ideas for Your Driveway Iron Gate

Your driveway gate is the first thing people see when they approach your home, and you only get one chance at a first impression. Custom designs and adornments for your driveway iron gate can reflect your personality and make your property stand out, so here are some ideas to give it some extra style.


When it comes to iron gates, you can choose between arched, straight, ornate or simple designs. Far from being boring, a sleek, simple sliding gate can be the perfect complement for a very modern house, while arched double gates will lend a period home an increased elegance and cachet. Plus, you don’t need to sacrifice convenience for looks. Most gates are available in motorized and automated versions, with various security options to choose from.

Decorative lighting

Outdoor lamps can effectively complement the look you’ve chosen. Bright, modern LED lighting goes great with a variety of gates. Plus, lamps are available in both contemporary and traditional styles and can be placed on top of the side columns, in front of them, or even on the ground facing upward for a dramatic effect. In addition to being stylish, custom lighting can enhance your property’s security.


If you want to dramatically enhance the look of your gate, then adding decorative pillars is the best thing you can do. Gate posts can be left their original iron to match the rest of the gate, or given a rustic look using brick or rocks. These can then be augmented with a truly personal touch, for instance by adding statuary or ornamentation.


Ornate curves and arches will lend and artful cachet to your gate, adding drama and atmosphere to your property’s entranceway. You can choose a fence design that matches the construction’s existing architecture, creating a cohesive esthetic.

Custom ironwork

To make your place stand out, look into custom ironwork. Flowers, vines, and lettering can add a deeply personal touch to an automated wrought-iron gate. From contemporary looks to Victorian or even gothic visuals, almost anything is possible.

Ironwork experts in B.C.

At Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc., we can help with everything from design to installation, repairs, and maintenance. With over 75 years of experience, we can guarantee professional service and expert craftsmanship. Contact us today to explore all your ironwork gate and fencing options.

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