Need Security Bars or Security Grilles in Greater Vancouver?

When you think of security bars, do you think of some awkward apparatus that you attach to the outside of your window or door? Do you feel consigned to a design that turns your home or business into a prison? It doesn’t have to be that way. At Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc., we provide you with many custom options that’ll give your home style and sophistication, not an atmosphere of oppression.

If you don’t want or require a standard design for your security bars, then you’ve come to the right place. We can match the style of your grilles to the exterior of your home or business. These bars will add class to your facade instead of detracting from it.

What Designs Do You Need?

We offer modern, straightforward designs with square shapes and perpendicular lines, but we also offer more organic designs with curves, waves, leaves, circles, and curls. Our security grilles also come in a variety of colours, including red, turquoise, periwinkle, silver, dark gray, black, and white. We guarantee that we can match the artistic qualities of your home.

When you purchase security bars from us, you’ll have a stylish edge and a truly unique design for your home. You’ll have a quality addition to your curb appeal. Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. guarantees all of our work, and we’ll conveniently make repairs whenever and wherever you need us to. You can come to us or we can come to you.

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When you need window security grills in Vancouver, Whistler, or anywhere else in the Greater Vancouver Area, contact Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. You’ll benefit from the expertise of dedicated craftsmen, and you’ll pay a competitive price for all of our products.

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Whether you are looking for any type of ironworks that will simply delineate your property or you want to accentuate your home with the elegant look of wrought iron works, Riverside is here for you. We have plenty of styles to choose from and we can even custom design options specifically for you. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services in Vancouver.


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