Latest Design Trends for Your Home: Railings and Fencing

Trends come and go so when it comes to design there are a lot of choices and decisions to be made, especially if those decisions will be featured prominently to all your neighbors. Well-heeled buyers have long been commissioning outdoor spaces with elements of high design, but now even buyers with modest budgets can have a touch of class on their decks with a new guard rail system. Deck rail design trends are on the rise as interior designers stretch their horizons.

At family-owned Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc., we understand that choosing the right materials to invest in the appearance of your home can be a challenge - we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing metal fences, stairs, and railings in North Vancouver for more than 70 years with affordable, high-quality service to all our customers.

Fortunately, manufacturers have responded with enough new deck railing products to satisfy all tastes and price points. Selling these products, as well as in creating custom designs, means understanding what is clicking with today’s homeowners in the areas of design choice, lifestyle enhancement, low maintenance, and cost. To ensure your new or replacement deck is on-trend, consider these areas:

    Design - manufacturers, dealers, and builders alike are reporting more mixing and matching of styles and materials. Various shades of brown, and some reds, are proving to be most popular, along with composite materials that reflect the style and location of the house with many looking almost exactly like wood.
    Lifestyle - buyers are looking for rail systems that don’t block the view as traditional balusters can. Cable rail, glass, and traditional balusters that are thinner and darker have become more popular. Demand for deck lighting continues to grow, with choices ranging from baluster and post lights to accent lights recessed into the deck boards. Water and fire features make your deck even more enjoyable.
    Maintenance - is affecting people’s decisions with aluminum or vinyl composite railings and spindles winning out over wood rails and spindles that can be hard to maintain.
    Cost - when it comes to rail systems it’s important to emphasize installed cost.

According to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), the most notable railing provision from a design standpoint was a requirement that handrails be at least 36 inches above fixed deck seating, in order to prevent small children from standing on the seat and climbing over the rail - suggesting high-design railings are here to stay.

Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. manufactures interior and exterior railings with wrought iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass to be attractive, sturdy, and affordable. If you are looking to invest in custom gates or railings in North Vancouver, contact Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. today.

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