Creative Touches to Add to Your Garden Fence

You have a fence around your backyard to keep strangers out and children and pets in. However, most of the time people have a fairly boring fence that they try to cover up with trees, flowers, vegetables, and shrubs.

But did you know you can decorate your fence in much the same way as you decorate the walls inside your home? You don't have the settle for the boredom! You can accessorize your fence with a number of decorating styles. Use the tips below to turn your backyard into a beautiful room outside your home.

1. Pick a more aesthetically pleasing fencing material if you have the choice.
If you don't have a fence yet, you have an excellent opportunity ahead of you. You don't have to match your neighbours and buy a vinyl or concrete fence. Instead, contact Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc., and you can get an attractive, custom-made iron fence! Iron fences have a lot of decorative advantages – they look attractive on their own, and you won't have to work as hard to decorate them.

Have you ever dreamed of having climbing roses or vegetables? An iron fence would ease the entire process, and you'll end up with a wall of blooming plants around your yard. You can also hang decorations on an iron fence more easily.

But if you don't own this kind of fence, don't worry you can still use all of the tips listed below.

2. Hang your knickknacks.
You hang pictures, shapes, and inspirational quotes on the walls inside your home, and you can decorate similarly outside. You can even hang more eclectic items:

    Signs and inspirational quotes – these work just as well outside as they do inside
    Salvaged metal pieces, like grills and railings – your roses and vines could climb on these too
    Wreaths made with dried vines, ribbons, flowers, beads, charms, etc.

When you hang everything, make sure you intersperse the décor evenly across the fence. You should fill-up the blank space, but you shouldn't make it feel uneven or crowded either. Decorate your fence using the same principles you'd use to decorate inside your home.

3. Hang shelves for potted plants.
Want to add a little three-dimensional interest to your fence? Hang shelves! You should probably pick smaller shelves, but once you find some, you can use them to hold up all kinds of other decorations, like potted plants, figurines, solar lights, etc. Essentially, if you have something bulky you don't want to put on the ground, you can put it on a shelf on your fence instead.

If you want a country-style option, you can also hang small pails or buckets and put your plants in those.

4. Frame and hang some succulents.
If you don't like wreaths, you can try a greener option by arranging succulents in a pattern, framing them, and hanging them on your fence.

5. Romanticize the yard with candles and candle holders.
For a truly romantic touch, you can install candles and elaborate candle holders all around your fence instead of opting for solar lights. However, candles are probably safest on a fence made of iron or other fireproof material.

6. Purchase fence inserts.
Fence inserts go inside the material of the fence instead of just hanging off of it, almost like a tattoo. They'll last a long time, and they'll add a lot of interest to your fence without making it look busy.

7. Make your yard into an art gallery.
Lots of metallic or ceramic modern art pieces look great in the greenery of the backyard. You can hang chimes, modern designs, or other artistic items from your fence to create an abstract theme.

8. Add a small roof and hang baskets.
If you'd like to add a little extra height to your fence, you can add a small roof to the top of it. You'll have to get your neighbour's permission, of course, but this addition will give you a lot of decorative options, making it well worth the trouble. You can hang baskets full of flowers or vegetables, you can hang signs, and you can even hang watering cans or other tools. Just use your imagination.

9. Pick a theme.
When you decorate your yard, pick a theme just like you would for any room inside your home. Pick like colours and like styles when you choose items to decorate your fence. And if you find something you like that doesn't match the colour, paint it. The item will still look great and it will match your colour scheme.

Do you like cats, dogs, barbecues, days at the beach? Incorporate that into your theme. Your fence can have as much character and personalization as the walls inside your home.

A fence doesn't have to be a boring barrier around your yard – turn it into an accessory instead! Add beauty and value to your home by decorating your fence today.

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check our blog or contact our helpful staff at Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. today!

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