Can Installing a Fence Can Add Value to Your Home?

Adding a fence is a simple, affordable way to increase the look and value of your North Vancouver home. Fences are important for prospective homebuyers both for privacy and for being able to let children and pets play out in the yard.

Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. provides custom fences and custom glass railing in North Vancouver, and we've seen the difference that installing the right fence on your property can make. Before getting a fence installed, however, you should ask yourself a few questions first.

What to Consider Before Installing a Fence

In order to get the most value out of your new fence, you should think carefully about what purpose it's meant to serve, where to place it, and how you want it to look.

Backyards are often fenced in because it increases privacy, clearly marks property lines, and allows you to let your small children and pets out to run around without having to worry about them getting out onto the street. If you are fencing your backyard, then choosing a solid, sturdy material is preferred in order to provide maximum privacy and security.

Adding fencing to a front yard, however, will typically reduce curb appeal and may even violate certain building regulations. Even a small, white-picket-fence may seem like a good idea at first until you realize that makes the task of mowing the lawn a lot more difficult.

Finally, when building a fence on any part of your property, you want to think about how well your chosen fencing style and material complements the overall look of your home. A quality iron fence, for example, will look much better than a chain-link fence.

Add Even More Value with Custom Railing

On top of installing custom fencing, adding interior and exterior custom railing to your North Vancouver home can also increase its value.

The right type of exterior railing around decks, patios, and balconies can complement any fencing choices, making for a more cohesive exterior home design and better curb appeal. Completing the package with new interior handrails is an affordable way to align your home with your architectural tastes.

Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. provides custom aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and glass railing in North Vancouver. For both interior and exterior railing, these materials provide strength and durability, and can be customized to meet any design preferences. Glass railing in North Vancouver is a particularly popular option for its sleek, elegant look.

Quality Fencing and Glass Railing in North Vancouver

If you're thinking of adding a fence and some custom railing to your North Vancouver home, then you can trust the fencing experts at Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. to do it right. We offer quality fences and custom railing, including glass railing, in North Vancouver that can enhance the look and function of any property.

Get a free quote and find out how working with us can improve the value of your home by getting in touch with Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. today.

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