Beyond the Picket Fence: How to Find the Perfect Perimeter for Your Home

Most of us have an inner vision of the perfect home. For some, the picture may be incomplete without the addition of a white picket fence as a neat finish around the property's perimeter. Of course, imagination is one thing; reality is another.

Naturally, there's nothing wrong with a picket fence; however, it pays to ask if there are fence options that might be better for your home.

To find out, it helps to explore the main purposes for fences, which basically revolve around property safety, privacy, and curb appeal.

Property Safety
If you live in a comfortable neighborhood with a relatively low crime rate, perhaps security isn't a big issue for you. If, however, you're keenly aware of protecting your home and family members, the right fence matters.

This doesn't mean you have to erect a tall chain-link fence with security barbed-wire on the top edge – that would send the wrong message. But a picket fence probably isn't the best security option.

Here are a few options for you if your primary concern is security:

You don't have to create a fortress around your home to have a secure fence. Stone or brick fences create a sense of safety while offering a stately charm to your yard.

Protect your property while having an open view. Today's grille fences come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home's architecture and style – all while remaining strong and secure.

Think beyond the fence and secure your entryway as well with the use of a driveway or pedestrian gate. Today's fencing options make it simple to create a uniform look and stay protected at the same time.

Many of the same factors described above offer a sense of privacy to your home. Let's face it – your home is your oasis from the busy world around you. If you live in a particularly populous area or are near high traffic zones, the last thing you want is to share your personal space with everyone around you.

Many of the same fence options that protect your property also create a sense of privacy. But you don't always need a high brick wall to feel that you're away from curious eyes.

Beyond your fence style, consider the following:

It's not always the construction of the fence that creates privacy; height matters too. A tall fence can look stately and attractive but create a feeling of comfort and isolation from the world. A tall fence will also keep out unwanted animals that may otherwise jump into your yard or garden.

    The spacing of the posts

Post and railing style goes a long way towards helping you create a personal oasis. If your posts are placed at close intervals, they create a sense of solidity without overwhelming your space.

    Judicious planting

Never underestimate the value of a well-placed plant, flowering vine, or grove of trees. Talk with a landscaper who can help you maximize your privacy with well-designed green zones, hedges, or other focal points. A great landscape plan means you can feel a world away from the world no matter what kind of fence you install.Curb Appeal
Most people want their fence to match their personality and home's architecture, not compete for attention. The right fence offers a subtle yet powerful stylistic element that makes passersby take notice for the right reasons. In contrast, the wrong fence simply looks out of place.

If you want to increase your home's value and curb appeal, take note of these 3 final tips before you choose your fence :

1. Pay attention to your architecture and current landscaping plan.
There's no point putting a picket fence or charming wrought-iron fence around an ultra-contemporary home. Something always looks wrong. By the same token, you wouldn't place a curved fence with Rococo detailing around a Zen garden.

2. Match details.
If you have a fence around your pool or other contained area within your yard, you may not want to deviate too far from its style (unless you're also replacing it). Too many unmatched details compete for visual attention, minimizing the overall appeal.

3. Get the best fence for your money.
Even if a budget fence saves you money upfront, it will show its wear sooner. Plan your budget so you buy quality fencing materials from the start, or save funds until you can get what you really want later. Your whole home will benefit from the right fence , so it pays to be choosy.

There are many fences just waiting to be matched with your yard; from English Garden style to a deer fence . Whether your aim is to protect your property or just to create a charming atmosphere, your home is sending a message. Take the time to listen, and you may be able to move beyond the picket fence for good!

For more fencing solutions, be sure to check out our product page or contact us should you have any questions about which type of fence is right for you!

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