5 Low-Stress Tips for Tearing Down Your Old Fence

Do you know the old fence on your property? The one with the sagging post or bent rail? It’s time to tear it down and get ready for a more refined option. Here are 5 tips from us at Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. to reduce the hassle of pulling down the old fence and help you get the job done right.

1. Check Building Codes & Contact Your Local Utility Company
If the fence isn’t actually yours to remove (perhaps it’s actually on your neighbour’s property line, not yours), you’ll need to get permission from your neighbour before you proceed. Even if the fence is on your property, your municipality can help you get the resources you need and mark out where utility lines are buried.

2. Rent the Right Tools
The value of using a professional auger to boreholes to cement new fence posts later can’t be overestimated. If you opt for a professional installation of a new fence, the company will bring their own specialized equipment to your home or business.

3. Know Your Fence
It is one thing to tear down a chain-link or sagging wooden fence, but it’s entirely different if you’re facing a stone or brick fence. Not only will you need specific tools for the material, but you’ll probably need more worker power. Assess the fence carefully and see where the weak spots are; these are the easiest places to begin your tear-down. Recruit family and friends to help!

4. Go in the Right Order
For example, if you’re removing an old chain link fence, remove metal fittings and the wire ties first. This allows you to peel the chain link away from the posts without much fuss. Once you’ve coiled up and removed the chain link element, you can attack the posts. Although this is the hardest part, patience and persistence (and a committed labour force) will help. If rocking the post back and forth doesn’t loosen its concrete base, dig around the concrete. It’s likely you’ll be able to pull the entire concrete boot out this way. Miniature tractors, if you're familiar with them, can also help. If the concrete won’t come out, consider cutting the posts off at the ground level.

5. Stay Safe
Even when you have a lot of helpers, fence removal can still be hard work. Don’t hurt yourself by rushing to remove stubborn posts. If you become frustrated or don’t have the right tools, you may also cause property damage.

If you are concerned about your ability to remove the fence easily and safely, contact the pros at Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc., where we've been helping people like you since 1942. Then knock down that old fence and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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