3 Major benefits of choosing iron fencing for your Vancouver property

Finding the right material for your fencing in Vancouver can be a struggle. But iron fencing has many virtues that may make it the right choice. That’s why our team at Riverside Ironwork Canada decided to put together this handy list explaining why iron fencing in North Vancouver may be the best choice for you.


Iron fencing is a versatile type of fence that can be moulded to suit your homes aesthetic. Simple rails and pickets can create a formal and smart appearance, or for a more elegant look, it’s possible to add a decorated or curved top. An adaptable material, iron can be shaped too many different traditional and modern styles, making the design possibilities nearly endless.
Also, iron fencing is a great asset for landscapers. Hedges and climbers easily grow around these fences, so depending on the location of your fence; it can be used to beautify your garden or the grounds around your home. Moreover, did we mention that iron fences can be painted nearly any colour? Check out our gallery for some inspiration on what colour to paint your fence.


Iron fencing is particularly secure and is of the strongest fence types available. Additionally, speared, pointed or curved tops can be added to the fence making it even more efficient at protecting your property against intruders. Its strength makes it incredibly difficult to breakthrough, and the aforementioned pointed or speared tops make climbing over it a particularly difficult task. In addition, the pickets are usually less than four inches apart, making it impossible to squeeze through. There’s a reason security fences are usually made of iron, so consider iron fencing if securing and protecting your home are priorities.

Minimal Maintenance

Compared to wood fencing, iron fencing is extremely low maintenance. As previously mentioned, this type of material is secure and very durable. Whether your iron fencing is facing the cold Vancouver winter rain or a summer heatwave, this material will hold up with far less maintenance and for a longer timeframe than other types of fencing. This means that even if the initial investment may be slightly higher, in the long run, the lack of maintenance required and the unlikely need for replacement makes iron fencing the more financially prudent choice of fencing material. If you decide to sell your home, your iron fence will be seen as an asset and will consequently add value to your property.

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When choosing a company for your iron fencing in North Vancouver or elsewhere in Greater Vancouver, consider Riverside Ironwork Canada. We offer a vast range of options, colours and styles to choose from for your new iron fence. And with over 60 years of experience and our commitment to providing high-quality products, great service and on-time delivery at an affordable price, we’re one of the best contractors on the Southern Mainland. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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